Error Loading OS After Flash Bios

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Flashed AB60N from AB60S00P to AB60S00W. "Error Loading Operating
System." Okay when reflashed back to previous level.

In another thread, no solution was found in a new install focusing on
drive size problem, per the microsoft knowledge base article regarding
this error.

One of the posts suggested that XP should be set (before the flash) to
generic ide drivers. Does that make any sense? How?

P4, XP SP1, Western Digital 40Gig System Drive.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.shuttle (More info?)

    Just FYI, in case someone finds this thread looking for a similar

    I couldn't find any solution investigating BIOS settings, active
    partition, MBR, etc.

    I finally flashed to each of the BIOS versions (the error occurred
    going from p to w, there was also a t and u). No error!

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