Windows 7 installation or hardware problem?

Hi everyone

I had a few problems with my computer, and subsequently found out they were due to a bad motherboard. After replacing the motherboard, I have had problems off and on with my computer freezing (the picture on the monitor stays the same, but sound cuts out and computer is completely unresponsive). Upon restart, it takes a while to POST (~1 minute compared to a "normal" ~10 seconds) and then it goes to the "Starting Windows" screen, with the 4 bright dots converging to form the windows symbol, except that the dots always freeze at a certain (the same each time) point, and the computer won't continue. I have tried using startup repair and system restore (by booting from the disk), but all to no avail.

Does this sound like a hardware issue (I have spent a lot of time under the assumption that it was, and am pretty much at a dead end), or is there perhaps an issue with my Windows installation?
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  1. yeah souds like a world of pain to me
  2. Try running MEMTEST. I've seen and heard of memory problems causing symptoms you describe.
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