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I want to purchase a 27" imac either 2011 or the "soon to be released" 2012 model. I have two 22" 1920 x 1080 monitors that I want to use along with it. Will games run across all three monitors properly? (lining up issues). Would I just be better off only gaming on the iMac screen?
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    There aren't many games that take advantage or multiple monitors. Maybe some flight simulator but I have not played any.
    I have a 27" imac and a 22" rotated 90' on the left and a 24" on the right. I used to just turn them off but now I have another computer plugged into the 24" on a different input so when I game on the 27" I can change the input on the 24" and watch hboGo or tv.
  2. That makes a lot of sense, thanks. If I end up getting the 27in iMac I'll probably have one connected and one for my Raspberry Pi or something else if I need it. Unfortunately, I only have VGA and DVI on the monitors and I prefer using DVI when possible, it may be annoying to manually switch the cables instead of just switching the output, but who knows. Thanks again for your reply.
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