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Hi, I am looking for a way to convert a set of JPEG photos from my digital camera to a "slideshow" on a Video-CD (or Super Video-CD) that I can play in my (standalone) DVD player. I guess I need an application that can create an AVI file from JPEGs, and an application that can convert AVI to MPEG (which I can burn on CD in VCD or SVCD format). Or can I skip the AVI step? Anybody done this before - suggestions appreciated.
Thanks, Menno.
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  1. this is waht i am doing now. i've been scanning the family pictures to jpeg format to be burned into vcd format later. i will be using WinONCD 3.8 program. it works great. you may also try adaptec CD creator. good luck.
  2. I have done this before, using Nero (the latest is 5.5).
    With this, you can just drag and drop JPEGS into either a Video CD (320x240) or SuperVideo CD, as you need (480x576). Both seem to produce pictures that your average TV viewer would regard as 'good quality' in my experience.
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