Case Wraps for Shuttle XPC (BF 1942)

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I've seen several photos of a Battlefield 1942 case wrap for Shuttle XPCs.
My son has a SS51G and I would love to get this case wrap for him. I've
scoured the internet but haven't found any for sale...just photos from
computer shows. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  1. that is not a problem. i went crazy with Shuttle's about
    3 years ago, bought one with an AMD 2500 and another
    with the intel 3.06 Hyperthreading. i also got the standard
    gray cases that ZipZoomFly sells.

    if i wanted to make a gift like you're saying, i'd print out
    the image on T-shirt transfer paper.

    then you have a choice. in San Diego there was a
    silkscreen shop/T-shirt store that had the special
    iron for doing transfers. if you can find a store like
    that, to transfer the image to some white cotton
    fabric, then all you have to do is sew that on to
    the case. it would make a nice present.

    the alternative, which i have not mastered, is to
    do it yourself with an iron. the tools i would suggest
    are -
    * the fabric you're going to transfer it to. it's
    better if it's eventually hemmed. for example,
    a 10x10 piece of fabric for an 8x8 image.
    * a piece of plywood. 15 x 20 is the size i
    used for a T-shirt i made. i put the wood inside
    the T-shirt, and used push-pins to pull the
    fabric taught.
    * push pins.
    * an iron.
    * a piece of aluminum foil, to put on top of
    the transfer while you're trying to iron it.
    keeps the transfer from getting too hot, or
    melting onto your iron.

    would love to see pictures.
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