would anyone know why my computer will not boot with ram in

my computer case inside was dusty, so i cleaned it out

i turned it back on and black screen,, removed one ram stick and bam, it worked

now i can't get my ram to work in a dual channel, only single

it has to be some weird setting in the bios, i know it just has to be, but i can't find anything

win7 64bit, 2x 2 gig ripjaw 1600 ddr3, 870a-54g mobo, amd 955
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  1. have u tried each stick individually to make sure one isn't dead?
    I'd also just take them both out, and put them back in to make sure they are seated correctly.
    The BIOS auto-detects the RAM and puts it into dual channel
  2. yes i have, i've made sure each stick of ram works
  3. i can only get both sticks of ram working in single channel in slots 1 and 4

    if i put the ram in other slots, the computer will not boot
  4. bump
  5. anyone have any idea?
  6. Turn off memory remap
  7. memory remap? just what is that? is it in win7 or bios? cause i don't see it in both places
  8. i'm unable to get dimm slots 2 and 4 working, i'm still looking into the problem
  9. still nothing, i'm going through everything MSI has to offer
  10. i just took apart my computer, laid everything out, reset the bios, took out the battery, waited an hour, and then put everything back in the case, still a no go
  11. just going to bump again for luck
  12. okay bump again
  13. anyone?
  14. Memory remap is a setting in BIOS.
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