The installer quit due to an unexpected error (code 0) Help!!!

Hi I want to install Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar on my 300mhz B&W G3. When I try to click the install button, it prepares for installation but few minutes later, I get the error message The installer quit due to an unexpected error (code 0) Please restart your computer. I am installing Mac OS X on a Empty partition on my hard drive. I tried to zap the PRAM No luck. My firmwares up to date

Here are the specs of the computer
300Mhz PPCG3
4 20GB IDE hard drives
1x WD200EB 20GB (Boot)
2x WD200BB 20GB (Storage) connected to Sonnet Tempo Trio PCI IDE card
1X Seagate 60GB (Storage) connected to Zip Drive Expansion Bay
Mac OS 8.6 on partition 1
Mac OS 9.2 on partition 2
Mac OS X 10.2 on partiton 3 (the partition i want to install it on)
Can someone help me I really want to install OS X! I t would be nice if you do. Thank You!
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  1. Most likely it doesnt support your aged Mac. Also dont spam the forums with your issue, it isnt mor eimportant than anyone elses and its against ToS to post the same issue more than once.
  2. That Mac should run OS X up to 10.4. Is the disk a retail one, or is it marked for a specific model. OS X disks are notorious for only installing on the model they were supplied with if you don't use a retail disk.

    If you are using a retail disk then it sounds like a hardware error - memory or disk would be the prime candidates.

    Multiple posts are, unfortunately, very common in the OS X forum. There seem to be serious configuration problems with this forum.
  3. Format the concerning drive (volume) with HFS Plus (+) file system as instructed in this article:
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