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Hello, all
Please help my laptop with win7 is get crashed and I have very important data in it . Is there any way to recover the data its very urgent. Laptop is working fine
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  1. you could try to boot with a Linux Live CD (no install required) and copy the data to a flash drive.

    or you take out the hard drive and connect it via a USB converter to another computer and try to access your data.
  2. thanks
    I have used the linux live CD but it does not give full boot up as it get killed I got message that "Kernal killed" . I have unallocated space on drive but same problem is occurring with Fedora.
    Second I not have a USB converter for connecting.

    Is there any other way .Please tell.

    This is what I use when i need to pull data off an internal HDD. It works well and is compatible with 2.5 IDE/SATa and 3.5 IDE/SATA.

    And, as far as I know, Emerald listed the options you have. Unless you tell us the issue and we may be able to help fix it. Have you tried booting into safe mode (F8 on boot)
  4. Hi Thanks Alaskan.
    I have a new HP-G42 laptop with inbuilt Win7 Home Basic with a single C drive in 320 GB Hard drive I have some Unallocated space of 60 GB in it. The system get crashed. and I have some important data in it. I used Linux Live CD to get data but that is not working as after starting It gives message "KERNAL KILLED" .Is there any method to get data back with out opening the hard drive as if I do so the warienty of my laptop will go. that I dont want.
  5. Have you tried booting into safe mode?
  6. I have tried to boot it in safe mode but it gets hang up and said no booting device found enter media. Perhaps its recovery had get correpted. Thats why I m worried
  7. Start computer using BARTPE
    and try to copy data to a portable hard disk drive or via ftp.

    If you cannot acces the partitions in BartPE, than you need to use R-Studio or GetDataBack also ran in BartPE
  8. Great answers and ideas!
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