Forget the Honey Wheets - Here is the Chopstick Joystick!

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    SINNER wrote:
    > --
    > David

    dude i made that its out im my garage if you want it give me $5

    it needs a little work as it only acts like a 4 way the diagonals are a
    bit hard to make due to the flex in the chopstick

    i still have the matching stick maybe i'll make it ghetto robotron

    yea forget it its not for sale
    i'll post pics of the dual model
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    SINNER <> wrote in


    Little do you know that I stole the chopstick idea off trashcade and have
    been selling bucket loads of a modified Honeyweets controller with
    chopsticks to China.

    (The chopsticks also come in handy for eating the Honeyweets cereal)

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