Help lol. Clean install Win7 over old Win7 in a dual boot.


I am racking my brain like crazy trying to figure this out to no avail. So i ask you all if someone can assist.
I have 2 versions of windows 7 on a dual boot partition. 640gb hdd B: 60gb C: 100gb and D:440gb. One is 32bit(currently using) and the other is the beta version of w7 64bit. When the trial ran out i clean installed a RTM version of 32 on a seperate partition. At the time i thought i only needed 32 now i wish to fully utilize my RAM/GPU RAM and want to do a clean install of 64 over the old beta version. Heres where my problems start.
I don't know which Drive letter(partition) i have installed either version onto. Basically i don't know which drive to clean install on top of. I don't want to accidentally wipe my 32 and everything i have set up on there. Because i wish to gradually switch back and forth to "copy" what i have running in the 32 into the 64 by reinstalling its 64bit counter parts. Also i know that one of these is my boot drive.. right ? meaning it has to always be present i cant erase that one and have the other still boot.. i heard once haha. Maybe someone could set that strait. As i eventually only want one version of win7 64 on my computer. I would like to know that as well.

So. Can i find out what version of windows is installed where ? And Which is my primary boot drive for which the other relies on ? Also can i remodel the partition sizes upon reinstalation ?
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  1. Boot from each version of windows, open "Computer" to get a view of the drives on the system, right-click on the drive that holds the system to select "Properties", and then change the volume name of the drive. If you do that for both copies of your OS then when you run the Windows 7 install and get to the partitioning screen the volume labels will tell you what's what.

    The other thing you can do is to go into Disk Management (Start -> Right-click "Computer" & select "Manage" -> click the "Disk Management Link") to get a graphical map of the partitions and drive letters on your disk - make a note of the layout so that you know what's what when you do the install.
  2. One more idea is to get a new HDD install that, and disconnect the old one, load windows on the new one and then reconnect the old... you can use your BIOS to select what hard drive to boot from.
  3. I ended up just moving everything into a separate hdd and doing a clean install removing and formating all partitions.
    Thanks for all the ideas. I just figured this was the easiest lol. Solves all my problems.
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