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I have the SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 v1.0 Black Label baord w/ P4 3000E
Prescott processor. Have one 80 GB SATA drive (WD Caviar) on SATA 1
and one 30 GB (also WD Caviar, 2001 vintage) on IDE1. The 30 GB IDE
drive is unchanged from an old system (didn't reformat or anything)
and once long ago had Win98 OS on one of its partitions.

XP Home sees the old drive as C: and D:, DVD / CD burner is E: and and
SATA drive is F:, and F: in where XP is loaded.

In Bios (latest off SOYO website, September release) the boot order is
floppy-HD-CD. Also in bios, the SATA drive is selected to be accessed
ahead of the old IDE drive (on the page where you move the drives up &
down in the list).

But when I boot up, I get the "Invalid boot.ini: message.

I've tried the repairs (like the one suggested here,;en-us;330184 ) and
have tried the fix from Settings>System>Advanced>Startup and Recovery>
(described here;EN-US;q289022

. . . but I'm still getting the error. XP boots up fine, eventually.

When I edit boot.ini, it appears it's going to the "old" C: drive. Is
that OK? I tried saving one ("Save As") to the new SATA drive where XP
is installed, and I got more errors.

Pretty sure the F: drive isn't F: so far as bios is concerned. After
the "Invalid boot.ini" error it says it's going to C:\Windows & boots
up (but there is no windows directory anymore on C: a.k.a. the old IDE
drive). When I boot to the XP CD-ROM, it says the boot drive is D: . .

Another issue is the CPU fan. I'm using the Intel OEM fan that shipped
w/ the proc, but bios and HW monitor say "0" rpm. I'm plugged into CPu
fan 1 jack on the mobo. I'm getting a reading on the case fan.

Is ~116 deg F normal for the Prescott in this arrangement? At what
temperature should I be alarmed??

TIA for any thoughts or tips,
John R
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.soyo (More info?) (Jim B.) wrote in message news:<>...

    > My recommendation for setting up your system would have been different
    > as well, with the abundance of hard drive connections on your
    > motherboard I would have in the Chipset Features section set the board
    > up under IDE1,2 / SATA1,2 to SATA+Sec IDE. Thus turing off the IDE1
    > functions leaving it totally for the SATA drive and connected the IDE
    > drive to IDE2 as Master and your CD drive as slave to that.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

    My mobo manual says IDE2 is not bootable. If I was connected to IDE2,
    would that prevent me from booting to CD?

    John R
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