SY-P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 V1.0 problem

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Hey folks,

I just put together a new system with the following components:

SY-P4I865PE Plus Dragon 2 V1.0 motherboard (yes, because of the
Intel P4 3.2E (prescott)
eVGA GeForce 6800 GT
2 x 512MB Patriot PC3200
Windows 2000

Now here's the problem. Everything seemed to go together fine, and the
OS seemed to install fine, but if I try to run anything
graphically-intensive (a game, a benchmark utility, etc.) the system
slows down drastically and eventually hangs. When trying to run Star
Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, I didn't even get to the main menu
screen before it bogged down.

I updated all my drivers and the MoBo bios, but no luck. I rechecked
the heatsink and fan countless times, and reinstalled them, and they
seem to be fine.

According to MBM and Sandra, my voltages look fine but the CPU is
running way hot, but I don't know how accurate they are. The MoBo bios
says my temps are around 45-50degC, whereas MBM and Sandra say they're
around 70degC! Clearly 70deg is too hot, so if in fact it is that
warm, that could be the problem, but like I said, the heatsink and fan
appear to be fine, so I don't know if it's really getting that hot
that fast. It is a Prescott, so who knows.

Unfortunately I don't have any other compatible parts (CPU, video
card, etc.) I can swap in to try to trace the problem. I figure my
options at this point are try a different CPU,. try a different MoBo,
or try a watercooling system and see if it makes a difference.

Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.soyo (More info?)

    i can't help u with ur problem except to say i have the same mobo with a
    p4 2.4a prescott and i get the same temp readings (bios and mbm5) as u.
    i also don't know which temp to believe. does the temp rises as u
    play games or do other cpu intensive work or does it stay the same?

    tom's hardware ran a story about the 3.6 having thermal problems and
    throttling down performance. i don't know if it applies to your system,
    but here it is:
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