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Actually I have two issues:

I have a Celeron D 2.4 running on a SOYO SY-P4i865PE Plus v 1.0 with XP PRO
SP2 fully up to date.. I've replaced the retail box fan with a Thermaltake
P4 Spark 7+. I used the included thermal paste and I've checked to make sure
all the fans are running, the thermal paste is applied properly and the CPU
is seated correctly.

First, all the various temp monitors (MBM 5, Aida32 and SiSoft Sandra)
indicate a cpu temp of 70 C at startup and while idle. Several hours of
heavy cpu usage ( PVR work or coding and burning while surfing) bumps the
temp up to 72C. During these operations the CPU usage is almost 100%.
However, the BIOS temp indicates 42C at idle. The heat sink is not even warm
to the touch at heaviest usage and the CPU is running very near it's stated
rating of 2.4. These same monitors indicate correct chassis fan and CPU fan
speeds and they are consistent with the BIOS reading.

Second, my Soyo i865 board has the LED (AGP monitor - I think) lit.
According to the manuals this indicates a wrong voltage and the system
shouldn't work. The AGP card is an older ASUS 4x v8170 with a nVidia
GeForce4 MX420. It is running at 4X and, according to the manual diagram, it
appears to be a 1.5 V card.

While my system seems to be working fine, I'd some suggestions as to what
might be causing the abnormalities.

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    The Intel based boards don't have all the overclocking features that
    the AMD based Dragon2 boards have. Intel cpu's are locked from the
    factory and the only way to overclock them is by raising the Front Side
    Buss speed. It is adjustible on your board. But you won't really see
    any increase in performance out of the new P-4 cpu's as you used to be
    able to in the past.
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