win2k dual boot?

i've decided to dual boot win 2k and ME. i already have ME, so do i just insert the cd in windows and follow the instructions? also, does it install 2k on a new partition or on the same on as ME in on? if so then how do you install programs on both? i mean, if i install a prog on ME, then how does 2k use it without having to reinstall it in 2k?
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  1. Simply insert the CD and boot from the CD. Make sure you install Windows 2000 on a seperate partition.

    When you install a program on ME then you have to seperatly install it on Windows 2000, its the same as having 2 seperate PC's. There is no way to install it on ME and the run it on Windows 2000 without reinstalling it for w2k.

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  2. I suggest purchasing Partition Magic 6.0. It's better than FDISK because it doesn't destroy your data. BTW, some programs might not be compatible with Win2K that were with WinMe...
  3. so i should partition my hard disk to make a space for win2k, and then insert cd and install and place win2k on that new partition? or does it ask you that during the installation?
  4. Make a fresh partition for W2K, then during the installation, it'll ask you which partition you want to install to.

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  5. what if I alredy installed win2k, but in the same partition as win98? how do I uninstall it (i'm dual-booting, but want to erase win2k to begin doing some fixes to my hdd partitions, to make room for separate win98, win2k and linux, and general files and games, all apart from each other)
  6. what about ram? the reason i havent bought more than the 384 i have now is the ME issues crap. 2k doesnt have that problem (as far as i know) so if i upgrade my ram, then ME will still go mental wont it?

    another question. when installing 2k on it's own partition (does it have to be the first or can it be second by the way) can i make it ntfs or does it have to be fat 32? and if i choose ntfs, how will ME react to that partition.

    also, if i install it as fat 32, and later on i decide to get rid of ME, do i just delete the partition it is on in partition magic or what, how do you get back to just one partition, or should i just use ghost to make a backup of the 2k partition and write that partition then to the entire disk.

    oh yeah, finally, can you change 2k from fat32 to ntfs after it has been installed?
  7. Ok, the first question I'm not sure about...

    You can use W2K with FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. NTFS is supposed to be better, but all the benchmarks I've seen have put FAT32 ahead. WinME won't be able to read anything on an NTFS partition. It's just like putting a MAC formatted disk in your floppy drive.

    If you delete the Secondary partition, the Primary automatically assimilates the space. If you delete the Primary partiion, you have to change the Secondary to Primary.

    You can't change the file system without re-formatting (in other words, deleting everything). You'll have to reinstall Windows.
    File systems have more to do with the hard drive than the operating system, from that perspective.

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  8. thanks man. i think i'll install 2k on fat 32. then later on when/if i decide to get rid of ME, i'll reinstall on ntfs
  9. You don't have to reinstall it to convert to NTFS. Windows 2000 allows you to change your hard drive to NTFS without losing any information, just remember that once you convert to NTFS you can't go back to FAT unless you reformat the hard drive.

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
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