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Hi, I saved up almost enough money to buy a new car. I just want to know what are the best options I have. I would like to get a new car for max of AUD $27500 but prefer it to be $25000 and below and I am in Adelaide, South Australia. Reliability is the most important factor. I prefer 5 door hatchback, small efficient engine about 2.0L, and avoid Korean, Chinese and Ford cars. I didn't have a good experience with Hyundai Excel and 2002 Ford Focus and Chinese cars are untested on roads. Probably a Japanese made car. Still have a Mazda 121 from 1999 working in perfect condition.
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  1. The Mazda3 5 door Neo range hatchback is currently on sale at $21,990 is South Australia. It seems to fit what you want and looks like a nice car.
  2. That was what I had in mind as well. The Mazda is a direct descendent of the 121 so I think the engineering should be good but I am worry about the build quality because the old ones are build in HQ Hiroshima, but the Mazda 3 now is build in Thailand.
  3. Its a Mazda so it should be a good quality car. Thailand make a lot of cars theses days and they seem to be good quality.
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