Gaming Equipment Defect in less than 30 days! 0.o

Ok, now that I got ya

So I'm permanently disabled... crushing pain from degenerative disc disease. I don't move very fast. In fact, I move around at about the speed of death, some might say...

So my question / complaint here, is wtf did I do to my jeans? Did I scoot my computer chair around too fast? I mean really. Here's what I'm talking about.

Here's the offending equipment!

Look at this damage! In less than 30 days, gaming.... I mean c'mon guys!

and another angle!

So I ask, what do you folks game in? I'm thinking I might just do away with pants entirely! ffs.
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  1. Denim fabric is one of the strongest type of fabric. A hole will not get bigger like it would with a simple t-shirt. Take it to repair. It will cost a few bucks and will be as strong as a brand new denim pant.
  2. I just give it to mom.She will fix anything cloths related problem.
  3. this happens to my levi's all the time......................but i usually wear shorts to game in
  4. lol. I had to laugh when I opened this post. :D

    As Pyree said, give it to mom or in my case give it to the wife. It will be fixed in no time.

    I game in what ever clothes I wear, coz all my clothes are comfortable.
  5. ^I was about to suggest partner/girlfriend/wife but since only 1 girl I dated can/willing to fix my shirt button, I suggest mom as a safer bet of getting it fixed (she never refuse).
  6. Iron on patch on the front and back of the damaged belt loop. This repair will last a while and will cost next to nothing...

    I do it all the time to my work pants. Once your belt is on no one can even see the patch.
  7. or take the pants to a dry cleaner that has a tailor,Ive had them replace zippers and sew up ripped seams and things lke that,it only costs a few bucks and then they're like new again......
  8. If the pants are 6 months to 1 year old, I would open a support ticket either with the store or manufacturer. I am sure that after several attempts to reach an English speaking live human being you will get some type of offer to replace with a refurbished item or return for something else you don't need. A personal appeal to the point of sale may get you a replacement based on the defect. Worth a try.
  9. Man I feel for you. I am also perminately disabled due to exact same problem. I own alot of sweats. jeans are too hard for me to put on most the time until my percosets and morphine kick in. My comfortability is more important to me than what people think i look like hobbeling around in sweats.
  10. clonazepam, this is nothing... I'd just disregard such holes entirely :) "Gaming equipment defect"... LOL, I thought this thread will have someone complaining about dead mobo or GPU or something :lol:

    I only use synthetic clothes. They're the best, IME. Never had any trouble like that. Though, once you have a smallest hole there, it just keeps growing and you can't patch it up properly...

    Pyree said:
    I suggest mom as a safer bet of getting it fixed (she never refuse).

    Lol, you're lucky, my mom would just flip me off if I'd suddenly come over and ask her to fix my jeans for me :D Not because she hates me or anything, but she just won't "promote laziness", lol.

    My comfortability is more important to me than what people think i look like hobbeling around in sweats.

    +1, NEVER put your own comfort below others' opinions of you. Comfort takes priority.
  11. RMA
    Email anyone you can at levi and ask them how they plan to regain your confidence in the gaming equipment they sell.
  12. Thanks guys. I smiled at the community and you all smiled back. I hope we all got a lil chuckle out of it. 99% of the time its a pair of blue jeans, a plain white t-shirt (i dont like to advertise for other companies, entities), a pair of flip flops (dont have to bend down to put on), and my desert pattern camouflage hat (cant break or get lost like sunglasses). I'm gonna try to return the jeans. If that doesn't pan out, friends from church own a dry cleaner and do great tailoring. :D
  13. needle and thread is an easy fix

    i game in a chair that is falling to bits, for clothing one of about 20 pairs of jeans

    if it gets cold whereing flip flops ,

    you can buy nice looking slip on boots
  14. shanky887614 said:
    ...i game in a chair that is falling to bits...

    I'm going to assume its an office type chair you assembled yourself? Mine's like that. I got fed up and used Liquid Nails on every nut bolt screw hehe... never had a problem since.
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