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i never had this kind of a problem in my life where i used almost over 10 Pc/laptop ... One day when all my laptops performance was very fast and such, windows failed to start...and 15 16 times in row it failed...My laptop is Sony Vaio VPCF11Z1E btw - i7 8Gb ram bla bla bla basically it has almost top performance hardware

i said ok and removed my personal data with the help of recovery center and using recovery discs i reinstalled w7 (which is home premium btw). Anyway for 2 days it was ok STİLL SLOW but at least managable...but now it takes minimum 5 minutes to startup.. another 4 minutes to load taskbar , desktop antivirus (avira antivirus) keeps shutting down and start up again.. double clicking a file is like 3 minutes to open. and when i try to browse the web (doesnt matter if its chrome opera firefox happens to all) it just not responding ASAP. i mean its brandly new installed windows and its like a billion times slower performance...i dont understand why...i saw people posting messages on forums with same kind of problem and i tried basically EVERYTHİNG i saw as a startup is not full at all ...i turned off the ones that i dont need on startup. i mean nothing can cause any problems..

checked everything on task schedule and all that ...even now i've been writing this post over 34 minutes (keeps giving "not responding" for 3 mins and giving me 45 seconds to 1 minute to type).

basically its this.
- pressing power button to turn on
- windows this takes minumum 4 5 minutes
- Welcome screen ....3 - 4 minutes minimum
- desktop bacground screen ..4 to 6 minutes

i mean what the hell i had that process under 2 minutes not 2 3 weeks ago and i just cant get this thing figured.

Any help is appreciated thanks a lot
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  1. could you try your hard drive in a another computer
  2. maybe hardware related? as above post says try the hard drive in another computer or try another hard drive in your sony??
  3. thanks for the answers , since you mentioned hardware i looked closely to my HDD light on laptop...even the system is idle i do nothing and just look at it...the HDD light is constantly flashing...just small blinks but other than that theres constant orange light telling me "shut up im working" ...

    that seems to be the deal i guess cuz i tried numerous spywares and scanned the system no malware nothing is found (i formatted with recovery discs before i posted this problem so its a brand new windows 7 right now) and i have only 2 programs installed which are

    - Your Uninstaller
    - Photoshop CS5

    i did some work through them (and removed the VAIO stuff that i didnt want)

    but in any situation the common observation i made is : HDD light is constantly flashin and when i do nothing theres this sound repeating itself..which is like (dont laugh) "brrrrrrrrrr bab"..."brrrrrrrr bab"...this keeps repeating before it does really load or do anything..
  4. make a back up look drive diyng
  5. Hello again everyone ,

    i sent it to Sony and they replaced the HD with a brand new problems now.. 10-15 secs im on desktop , 20-25 secs im checking email while loading video on youtube.

    Thanks for the attention and suggestions. You can mark this topic as solved
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