I think we have all unintentionally been working for the US Govt !!

I wonder if they will cut us a cheque ??

Naah ... I'll keep doing it for nothing.

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  1. This could go two ways. First way is it works great de-legitimizes it and makes it a joke, or........ It increases terrorism because we all know how fun it is to get trolled. Instead of attacking religious monuments, they will be invading the trolls natural home, their mothers basement.
  2. Quote:
    State Department senior technology adviser Shahed Amanullah told the magazine he wanted to use “logic, humour, satire, [and] religious arguments, not just to confront [extremists], but to undermine and demoralise them”.

    Trolls don't use logic.....they are mindless beasts
  3. This is toms Intellectual trollhome here ... carefull !!

    /slaps johnson with a wet trout
  4. damn it...just got rid of the smell from the last one
  5. Problem Al Quesadilla?

    I saw what you did there.

    Number 13 was unkind ... she is not a skinny hungry model ... I worked for her once and she eats like a horse ... trains like an athlete.
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