How to get Win 8 Pro for $39.99? Burn & save.

Hi all.

I will buy (build) a new PC early next year.
So, how can I buy Win 8 Pro now at a low price. Download the ISO. Burn the ISO to a DVD. Then Install later when I have the new build.

I found the upgrade assistant, but I think that will want me to install NOW and does not have any download ISO option.

I think I need the OEM version since this is a new build and it will only run on that rig.
Is this possible?

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    You don't have to install now, just buy the key and it will be sent to you in email. You can re download the image from

    You can get the key now and install anytime after that.
  2. Here are the clean install instuctions:

    Should be exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Thanks for the help!
    I do want to buy the OS, get the key, download the image, and do a clean install...
  4. The $40 version you see is a UPGRADE. It requires you to have a older system installed already

    the $80 versions you see is a OEM copy. You can only install it on one computer and cannot install it again if you decide to build a new computer later.

    Microsoft is rumored to stop selling retail copies of their OS. (you can wipe it and install it on another computer)
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