Blu-Ray or HD-DVD?

Which do you guys plan on buying, and why?
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  1. two reasons.

    1. higher capacities.

    2. I plan on buying a PS3 but not an Xbox 360.

    Otherwise I'm not really enamored with either. Sony is still trying to cram DRM crap into Bluray and HDDVD is just a somewhat lackluster standard.

    I'm holding out for that hologramatic media that was mentioned in the news on THG recently. 300 GB + media the size of a CD? Thats what I call love.
  2. Neither.... for a long time.....Ill wait for all the money flushers to come back with reviews....Then wait till which ever proves to be worthy drops in price...Greatly
  3. I'll probably go with blu-ray for 3 reasons

    1. holds more (that always a plus :-D)
    2. will probably be more interactive (not exactly sure about that one)
    3. I think more movie companies will go with blu-ray which will make it the better one
  4. Neither, for the time being. Blu-Ray drives are set to be over a grand a pop, plus the discs are ruined if they get a scratch on them. HD-DVD will probably catch on more, but I will wait until the hardware price drops and a standard emerges. I'm playing it safe.
  5. Wow, the forum necromancer strikes again...

    And he managed to drudge up a thread so old that I still thought the PS3 was the way to go... yikes.

    This was before pricing was announced and blueray products failed miserably to live up to expectations.

    For the record my position has officially shifted to rooting for HDDVD but honestly believing the real victor will be whoever develops the most widely used dual standard player.
  6. buy HD-DVD. because fuck Sony.
  7. Quote:
    buy HD-DVD. because **** Sony.

    I could get into it, but its easier to just say "ditto"
  8. ditto
  9. If you have the cash then buy both so if one goes obselete you will be able to make buttloads of cash 5 years from now on ebay.
  10. im gonna wait but if i have to then im going for Blu-Ray!!!! and screw sony!
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