Thunder K7X will nor post (occasionally)

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I have a well served system with Tyan K7X Thunder (UGN - SCSI disabled).
Now it will not post unless I reset the CMOS battery or repeatetly switch
on/off power supply.

My system;
2x MP2400
1G ECC/REG kingston
ATI X800
5x U320 SCSI
Fortron 550W PSU

Can anyone tell me what's going on ???

Jari Mokka
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  1. I am also having the same problem.. except I get 4 bios beeps!
    Everything I have read says the mobo has lost it's clock. I have seen the same problem being just a RAM issue, I wish that was my problem.

    Anyone help us please?
  2. I have the predecessor lying about til I get to building something out of it again. The PSU needs 1A on the -12V rail or it will not boot. This caused me some grief trying to find one back then.
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