Bluescreen in Windows 7 when playing Rise of Flight

I was hoping someone could help me diagnose and solve a Blue Screen i frequently get when playing Rise of Flight.
The PC was only built around a month ago. No other program seems to have this issue as far as I've seen.

I'm at work so can only remember some of the details of the dump.

it was the very common "IRQL_IS_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" 0x0000000a (not sure if that's the correct number of zeroes)
It appears to be caused by ntoskrnl.exe .

Does anybody know what the likely cause of such an error would be, and possibly how I'd go about fixing that?


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  1. It would be interesting to see if there are any issues with your ram, id run a mem test and see if you get any failures
  2. Hmm. Interesting. I started that last night, but didn't have time to see it through. How long does that usually take? I'll probably give it a shot this evening.
  3. Right, so memtest being run until it was at 100% came up with no errors. Gonna try again overnight tonight.

    Edit: Overnight test also came up clean.
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