Thunder K8SE Memory Configuration

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I'm building a Thunder K8SE (dual Opteron) and I want to get
the fastest memory performance. My interpretation of the manual
is I would need to configure for 128 bit memory support, which
requires two DIMMs, plus install memory for each of the two
CPU's (two DIMMs each), meaning I need a minimum of four
DIMMs. Am I right?
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  1. Hi,
    I've just built one myself and I also followed the same reasoning as you did.
    I am running two 512 Kingston 128 single rank both on A1 & A2 of Cpu 1 whilest waiting for two more to arrive. It seems be ok even whith only two chips though.

  2. Yeah, on my K8WE im running 2GBs -with 4 dims of 512mb each -which is 2 dims per CPU. I was told that this was recomended for best performance over using 2 1GB dims. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the processors (opteron 270s) are dual core as well. So each core on the system has 512mbs. Im not sure how this all works, but i have seen some pre-configured K8WE systems with 4GBs of ram -so that would be four 1GB dims per core. But Ive also heard windows dosnt take advantage of more than 3GBs of ram so I dont understand how this is helpful. If anyone knows; please explain.
  3. I’m not sure ether, but I think I’ve heard that all memory can be seen from wherever it is. In fact the K8we manual shows as one option two memory sticks on CPU 1 only.
    By the way, are your memory PCBs single or dual rank?

    I’m sure you know why I ask you! Or…?
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