What has happened!?

Hey everyone,
I REALLY need your help.

My Desktop is pree much fucked.

I got home today, and the internet wasn't working.
I opened itunes and it wouldnt start the music.. it just stayed at 0:00.
Closed and reopened, it gave me an error about it not being able to communicate with ipod and it needed repairing, i tried that, it failed and told me to reinstall itunes. I went to my setup file for itunes and opened it and apparently "Windows Installer Service is not accessable" (i think thats what it said).

I tried opening up other setups, exe ones would work, not MSI.
Restarted my computer, nothing changed.
Tried some stuff to do with MSIEXEC to no success.
Did full scans with both Malware Bytes and Avira Anti-Virus.. They removed one file each, didnt fix anything.
Tried to boot from my USB and DVD copies of Windows 7.. wouldnt boot went straight to Windows 7 again.

After playing around some more i got it to boot from my Windows 7 Disc.
I tried repairing and it restarted and apparently fixed the problems, it didnt.
Booted back into the DVD and installed another copy of W7 onto my spare 50GB Partition.

Got into that and by that point i was pree much ready to switch that to my main partition and reinstall everything ect.
BUT, i have a 2nd HDD thats 160GB.
It won't show up on that partition.

Under My Computer, theres nothing.
Disk management, it shows up, but without a letter.(it still shows up on 1st partition, the broken one)

I don't know what else to do really.

So overall, whats wrong is,
no sound,
no itunes,
no internet (i get the little screen with the red cross down the bottom and when i open it it says *my wifi network* Limited access then the bars, but up the top it has the bars and the yellow bit meaning there are networks to connect to but i havent yet, and it says not connected.)
oh, and i tried playing games with the xbox controller and the controls were screwed up.

This is so screwed up.. i dont know what could have happened in this time!?

Help would be GREAT.
I have completely run out of ideas.

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  1. Multiple services broken, Registry issues, these problems usually point to corruption caused by a virus (Or just good old OS aging) Try running sfc /scannow (System File Checker) and see if it fixes anything. You could try a system restore and see if that fixes any problems.

    Although I do believe that a full restore may be in order. Backup data and boot to disk.
  2. System restore is "broken"
    I'm at school now so I can't do anything at the moment.

    The whole computer is only 3 months old.. so it can't be OS aging.
    I custom built it myself.

    I was prepared to do a full restore but as I say above it won't let me read my 2nd HDD from the fresh install on the other partition.
    I might be able to borrow a friends External HDD (because mine broke)..
    Other then sfc what can i do?
    Maybe help on getting the 2nd HDD working?
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