Win 7 will not boot unless dvd is in drive

I'm not quite sure if I myself can fix this but I've been using my computer for about a year now just keeping the installation disk in the drive.. If I remove it, it will not boot when powered on. It hasn't always done this. When powered on without the disk it says something like "please insert cd or dvd" Thanks!
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  1. sounds like something i had an issue with, use easy BCD to set your c drive as the boot partition
  2. Thanks fowang, could you explain how to do that?
  3. download easy bcd (google it) and install it, when you have it open go to BCD backup/repair then Change boot drive then click perform action and that should fix it

    Hope that helps.
  4. Thank you very much, I'll let you know.
  5. I did exactly what you said. It did not work though unfortunately. I had the system disk out of the computer when it booted and it says "Verifying Dmi Pool Data..."
  6. A question for you, in your BIOS Boot order, do you have your Hard Disk Drive selected in that order? or is it disabled?
  7. The hard drive is enabled to boot first.
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