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HOw do I share files?

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March 4, 2003 5:27:27 AM

I'm using a DSL router, and I read through the manual but it doesn't have any info on how to share files with it. The 2 OS I run on each computer are Win2k pro and Win98 se respectively. Can someone please lend a hand to a router newbie?

I'm an idiot with a computer, how did I make it this far??

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March 4, 2003 10:34:09 AM

Assuming each router can ping one another, and there's no firewall stopping either 'talking', it's down to setting up file sharing on the PCs and allowing each PC to access the other.

The router just routes Sir.

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March 4, 2003 4:59:43 PM

*scratches head* I've set up a crosswire connection between my 2 comps before and shared files easily. But this setup I am not too fimiliar with since I only have one ethernet card.

I'm an idiot with a computer, how did I make it this far??
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March 5, 2003 12:40:34 AM

The router should not have caused a break up. Hooking 2 computers with one cable and not using a hub means you had to use a crossover cable. If you are using this cable to hook up a computer to the router you'll need to replace it with a regular cable.
without further information I can only assume that you had both computers hooked up with one cable and no hub and that sharing folders/files/printers between them was working fine and when you put the router between the two you lost connectivity. But I don't know considering I'm still wondering if you are able to reach the internet with both or just one computer at this point.

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March 5, 2003 5:29:21 AM

I'm sorry I might of confused you guys, I was talking about my previous experience getting file-sharing to work using crosswire. I thought if u knew what I have worked with you might see the confusion I am in. See, I have never used anything other than crosswire to share files\net connection, so Im trying to understand how to set this up software-wise using router. I figured out getting both computers to use the net fine, but I am lost with file-sharing :

The crosswire way I have 2 NIC cards on the host computer, and 1 NIC on the client. All I had to do to share files was set the NIC attached to the crosswire cable to have NETBEUI protocol and MS file and print sharing enabled.
Now that I only have 1 card on each PC now that I use the router method, I have those NIC card set with TC\IP, NETBEUI, and MS File sharing checked. But when I click "computers near me" or "entire network" it says "workgroup not accesible" and "unable to browse network" respectively. Why is this? How can I fix this?

This may be a little hard to explain because of my lack of knowledge, but if you are one of those types of people with alot of patience and kindness to help others, than maybe I can add one or few of u to my MSM and walk me through this.

Much appreciated.

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March 5, 2003 11:20:14 AM

Well are you using straight-thru cables on this setup?

Using W2K at all? If so, you can search for computers if you remember the name of the other one.

Workgroups the same? Sharing enabled on the drives/printers/both PCs?

Tried pinging with each PC? What are the results?
Get each PC to ping itself. Results?

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March 6, 2003 3:27:16 AM

I got ping replies back from both PC. FYI, PC 1 = Win2k PC 2 = Win98 SE.

I'm an idiot with a computer, how did I make it this far??