Battlefield 1942 mod: StarWars Battlefront !

Hi everybody !
First I Love Tom's Hardware Web site. One of my favorite.
And I don't say that to "give flower". Just it's my opinion and what I feel. So thanks to all "Tom's guys" to exist !

Now I buy last week StarWars Battlefront from LucasArts and I'm a lot deceived.
This game is like a bad mod of Battlefield 1942.
And maybe I'm wrong to think that but I think it's what the team of George have do.

Buy a cheap license of BF1942, and put on it some amateur mod creator.
If I give 7.5/10 for BF1942 it's not cause graphic but gameplay.
And about StarWars Battlefront well I give 5/10.

Imagine that it's suppose to be a StarWars game and you can't choose a Jedi Character or "Dark force" character.

What a shame.
But I think George create this game just to make money and also play sell another mod (expansion pack) - who is alreay create I'm sure.
And he can say "if you want to be a Jedi buy our wonderful expansion pack.

Well this game is really not good and I find it's a shame to laugh about customer, fans like that.
But unfortunatly many fans of StarWars are kids, teen, and not really able to judge how good or not is a game.

My reference about FPS game is Unreal Tournament 2004.
For me it's the best 3D engine of all FPS for now (september 2004). And compare to UT2k4 (not the game but just the 3D engine), StarWars Battlefront is a shame.

Like it was create in 1990.
Anyway. Just my opinion.
I don't suggest to anybody spend their money for a old, ugly, boring game like that !
And it's expensive too.
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  1. I have to say that I did feel a little ripped off by the game as it just seems like battlefield vietnam with blasters. However i do find it a lot of fun though.
    I dont think its ugly at all though..have you played the endor map? The graphics are great! The only thing that annoyed me were the backdrops witch really did look bad.
  2. The thing I hate about the game is I spend more time waiting for things to load than I spend playing the damn thing. And it's installed on a 74 GB raptor drive.

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  3. It doesnt seem to take any longer to load than battlefield:1942/vietnam. I was annoyed that I had can only use the game on one computer at a time, one of the reasons I liked battlefield vietnam was that I could play it on the network with my m8 against the computer. But with battlefront you cant do that which I thought was unfair considering they gave me 3CD's!
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