win2k + norton2001

Im trying out the shareware version of norton 2001 for windows 2000 pro,
and the disk defragger seems to be very slow indeed compared to my older version of norton2000 on win98.

all it seems to do is endlessly seek and not move very much data, takeing at least 3 to 4 times as long to defrag a set amount of data.
why is this??? is it intentional?
is it due to having NTFS?

in comparison, defragging in win98 using norton2000 was efficient and speedy. it reads and writes data in discrete chunks. without excessivly seeking except for really fragmented sections of the drive (of course)

This behavior must not continue! Feel the BURNING STARE of my HAMSTER... and change your ways!
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  1. norton often causes scandisk/defrag porbs, just end task the dam thing before doing a defrag, but then again if your using NTFS, you shouldnt really need to defrag.

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