Increasing size of partition

The hdd has two patitions named C and D (for recovery).

Upgrading from Vista to Window 7, has rendered the 10 GB (partition D) too small. The partition C is 176 GB.

How can I inctrease the D Partition size from 10 to 20GB, therefore, reducing C to 166 GB?
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  1. You can download and install Partition Wizard (free for home use), and use that to re-size your HDD.
  2. My problem for the present is resolved by compressing some of the recovery data which must stay on that drive (D partition) and removing the rest to an external hard drive.

    This way I am able librate enough space for my needs for some future date. I have also down loaded the Partition Wizard for home use, but am reluctant to use it as there are risks of ending up creating more problems as suggested by the software.
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