F11 key does not go to full screen

When I hit the F11 key it does not go to full screen.
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  1. What program are you using the F11 key in? It isn't Windows that handles the F11 key, it's each individual program. Some programs use F11 to maximize the window, some use it for other purposes, and some don't use it at all.
  2. Hi, thanks for your help. I don't know what you mean by what program. I want to use the F11 key to maximize the window. When I click on the View tab and go down to the bottom it says Full screen F11. When I click on this the tool bars go away like it usually does with the F11 key.
  3. Sounds like IE. Should work - does with mine. Perhaps your keyboard is faulty.
  4. I am using Fire Fox
  5. OK, by "program" I meant "Firefox", if that's what you're using.

    The F11 key should work for Firefox. Does your keyboard have a "Function Lock" key? It's often labeled "F Flock" and is often located at the right end of the row of function keys. If so, try pressing it - if its activated then it changes the meaning of all the function keys.
  6. I do not have a Function Lock key.
  7. I have found the problem! After owning this computer for a week now I decided to actually read the manual. I need to press the Function key and the F11 at the same time. It is set for the multimedia function. I can change this to the regular function if I desire. Thanks for your help guys.
  8. Thanks for posting your solution - it may help the next guy!
  9. how to get full screen
  10. sminlal said:
    Thanks for posting your solution - it may help the next guy!

    Reading the manual usually works.
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