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I just bought a new PC case. It's made by iCute.

It has two thermal sensors, that are connected to two LCD displays on the
front panel. At the moment, I have the sensors just sitting loose inside the
case. On the panel, it marks them CPU temp, and HDD temp. I realise that I
can actually place these wherever I want, but, supposing I *did* want to
measure the temperature of the HDD, then ...

- is it worth it?
- whereabouts would I stick the sensor? (no rude answers please!! ;o) )

Onto CPU measurements ... I have MBM5 on my PC. AFAIK, this is showing the
onboard CPU temp, as opposed to the on-die temp (Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe). If I
were to place the CPU sensor from my case directly to the underside of my
CPU, would I get a more, or less reliable/accurate temp?

Also, what is the best sort of adhesive/tape to use for these things?




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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amd (More info?)

    I was recommended to do this as I have a 7200rpm Maxtor but since I put it
    in my dragon case with a fan in that by and a temp sensor there the temp
    remains stable at near enough room temp so I feel its a bit of a waste. I
    wasn't so keen on routing cables through the pins of the cpu so I stuck the
    other sensor onto my GPU to keep an idea of temps when I overclock.

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