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Philly Area: Have TDMA Family Plan, Need New Phone....

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July 17, 2004 6:32:06 PM

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My TDMA phone is on the way out - dropped one too many times, I guess.

Cingular has closed their walk-in repair facility in Trooper.

I suppose I *could* go to the K of P store and get the service moved to another
TDMA phone that I have in reserve.

But that would leave me at the mercy of the company's service people for future

Much preferred would be to purchase a GSM phone outright and have my service
moved to it. Then, if/when the phone breaks, I'm Cingular-independent for
service. It also leaves the path open for combining my cell phone and PDA
if/when the right device comes along.

The hitch is that every time I approach somebody about this, they claim that I
would have to move my entire Family plan (4 phones, 300 minutes, nominal
$45/month, actual 50-60) to what they call a "GSM Plan". This would be more $80-90 per month instead of sixty.

However I've talked to two people who have the exact same plan and have managed
to get a GSM phone on it. One of them is an engineer for the company that
makes those little identity cards that go into the phones - so I'm 97% sure
there's no technical terminology communication gap there: he really did get a
GSM phone on his old Family Plan account that has TDMA for the rest of the
phones on it.

He said you just have to be really insistant.
I think he got lucky.

Before I go off and start trying to be "insistant", I'd like to get some of the
Cingular terminology straight and get some opinions on how to go about this.

Anybody know anything?
July 18, 2004 10:02:18 PM

Archived from groups: alt.cellular.cingular (More info?)

>$45/month, actual 50-60)...

I think I've discovered where I'm wrong. Turns out there are a number of
$45/month TDMA family plans and mine is one of the really, *really* defunct

Also, it sounds like a given account is linked to a given tower system - as
opposed to the link being phone-specific. i.e. an account cannot have one
phone on the TDMA system and another on the GSM system.