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do i need to download and install drivers in xp mode or do they run of the ones already installed in win 7. i have a old serial port i need for card programmers that i have to run in xp.
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  1. dont bother with it i took all the time installed crapware of software just to get it to work to find out its laggier then teamviewer or remote desktop
  2. alright then i think i will run a separate xp computer maybe a p4 or something.

    so Microsoft just threw it in to reel in some customers you think ?
  3. I disagree with AtuBrian I find that XP mode works fine in a decent computer. Although it isn’t sutible for games most applications work without any problems. You will need to install driver for certain hardware devices like your card programmer.
  4. You also need almost double the RAM (MS recommends 8GB) if you're going to run XP mode. 2GB just isn't going to cut it and 4GB is almost adequate.
  5. i am looking to build a system with 4 gb do you think the extra 4 is worth it ?
  6. Yes. If you can afford the extra 4GB, install 64 bit Windows 7 and load up your box with 8GB of ram.
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