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M100 or Palm IIIe

Last response: in Other Consumer Electronics
November 14, 2000 10:08:58 AM

I'm thinking about buying a cheap PDA but I'm wondering if I should choose a m100 which is the new model or the Palm IIIe which is kinda old, but cheaper.

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November 14, 2000 10:19:58 AM

Are you trying to spam the forum? Same question in 3 sections? Hmm....

Smart guys are not smart; they only see things in different perspective.
1st <b>ENTHUSIAST</b>!
November 14, 2000 10:25:42 AM

Actually, no.
I tried to find the most appropriate section to post this message but I found out that they were mostly deserted.
So I posted it to another section where more people would read it.
Sorry for the trouble
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November 14, 2000 11:50:16 AM

You will be replied don't worry. I replied but I didn't answer your question :smile: but one way to keep your question visible to other users is to keep posting new messages (to yourself) so that the LAST POST will be newer and newer all the time... but Fredi would not like this... :smile:

Smart guys are not smart; they only see things in different perspective.
1st <b>ENTHUSIAST</b>!
November 15, 2000 12:54:04 AM

Actually, seems like I was right. Nobody answer the post I wrote. Oh well, maybe it wasn't an interesting subject anyway.
November 23, 2000 3:04:28 PM

I can't argue from technical point of view, but the m100 just looks like a toy -- the buttons look like they'll fall off, and the rounded shape gives the aura of cheap toy plastics. Also, it is probably an optical illusion, but the screen somehow seems smaller --anybody know the specs exactly?
Anyhoo, since otherwise the hardware specs *seem* the same to me, I'd go for the IIIe, especially if its cheaper. Check whether you can upgrade the OS on either one of them or not, that may or may not be a decisive point...

I had IIIxe myself, perfectly happy with it, but switched it to a IIIc now that price has dropped...
November 23, 2000 6:04:04 PM

Thanks. I didn't had to chance to see a real M100 for myself. I'm going to buy the IIIe anyway.
November 25, 2000 5:51:49 PM

I've been giving the purchase of a Palm IIIc a lot of thought, and I'm on the verge of taking the plunge. One question though, is it possible to write simple applications for this PDA?
November 27, 2000 12:29:36 AM

I have never tried to; however, judging by the gazzillion free and shareware applications for Palm Out there, I'd assume it's not too hard.
If you just want to make a database, or a refenrence table or diagram, there are applications which will help you do that.
If you want to make a real, standalone application, maybe you should download the development kit from -- you should find a Palm emulator for PC, libraries of functions and I think they have a development environment and compiler on there too -- not sure how hard it is to get, but with a little effort you should be able to make an informed decision yourself:) 
January 10, 2001 8:35:05 AM

The new Palms are great, and there are heaps of software for them, when (if?) they do one with a I/R port you will be able to interface them with Casio digital cameras, how cool will that be, take a piccie, transfer it to the Palm, and e-mail it to someone, you can already do it with a Cassieopia
February 13, 2001 6:41:41 PM

Palms have always had a IR port (well, at least as long as I've seen them:) . I know 'cause I'm using my palm as a multi-remote control:) 
My current one can exchange pictures with other Palms or Visors etc, both independent pictures (i.e. downloaded from computers) as well as pictures I've just taken with my Kodak PalmPix (attachement to the Palm Pilot).
So basically, the technology is (and has been) there:) 

with a palm VII, I bet you can take a picture with your palmpix camera and e-mail it straight from the unit on the road :) 
April 29, 2001 12:19:24 AM

I got a Palm IIIxe as a graduation gift and I have to decide if I'm going to keep it or not. Remote control for tv's etc? How do you do that?