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Hello,why is protection and data recovery a very important issue in todays IT industry?
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  1. With the ever increasing CyberAttacks & Counterfeiting, it has become vital for IT departments to pir the necessary measures in place to prevent. As someone that deals in the Pharmaceutical world, this is a real concern/threat.
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    Hello,why is protection and data recovery a very important issue in todays IT industry?

    The data that is transferred between systems on any network has the power to cause major financial, privacy, or safety issues if it falls into the wrong hands. Keeping that data safeguarded is an elemental part of an IT administrator's job. In environments such as healthcare, finance, etc, this data also becomes a liability to the organization, so negligence in security maintenance is not only unfathomably irresponsible, but a violation of federal laws such as HIPAA, GLBA, etc (in the US, other countries have similar legislation in place). Fines for violations range from tens of thousands of dollars to several million, and may also include jail time for the violators and even the shutdown of the entire organization in some cases, dependent on the severity and repetition of the violations.

    Data recovery is equally important. Organizations are often required to maintain records of their transactions for several years, and a loss of those records, even accidental loss, is considered a violation of the law. In the financial sector, loss of data can lead to the demise of the entire organization if not remedied in a timely fashion. In the healthcare sector, loss of data can lead to loss of life, where patients receive incorrect treatments, etc. In the educational sector, loss of data can lead to the loss of grades, GPAs, credits taken, resulting in a complete lack of any proof that a student has completed the coursework that they have. The loss of data is not just an inconvenience, it is a life or death matter in some cases.

    This is why these things are so important.
  4. Data backup and disaster protection is essential to todays computing needs. In the event of a building disaster, act of God, ect, you need to make sure your companies valueable data is backed up not only locally but on multiple serves in seperate regions of the country/world.

    The bottom line is you never know when something bad can happen, and you should be prepared to insure your data.

    Concerning protection, every application has exploits, and there will always be people searching for ways to get into your data. If you host a sales business online, protecting your customers identities should be one of your top concerns. If you own a database that has a collection of names, address, SSN's, and vital information to any persons finances should be safe guarded.

    In the home market, adware and malicious spyware will continue to be a problem, and to do protect your own personal finances and investments you need to make sure you are using an up to date program as well as operating system. Keeping all your software up to date ensures that the software developer has updated its known exploits to prevent malicious users from attacking your computer.
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