2011-12 NFL Season

A bit late on this one, but such is obvious, the 2011-12 NFL season has begun! I'm sure that many, including myself thought that the season would never happen thanks to the strike, but things worked out in the end thankfully. I can't imagine a fall-winter without football.

Anyways, anyone have any picks to make the Super Bowl? Any major standout-breakthrough players? Who's your team?

My bias is that I'm a Bears fan. After last year's trip to the NFC Championship game and thanks to a hard schedule, I originally had them pinned at going 8-8. Not to mention they are in the same division as the Packers. However, I was blown away on how they started the season against Atlanta, as I was honestly expecting a loss. Yet all facets of the team were on- offense, defense, and special teams. They may be better than I originally thought. It was only one game though and the Saints and Packers await. Those two upcoming games will be the tell all of how good they really are.
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  1. Steelers and Packers Rematch!
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Steelers and Packers Rematch!

    Love to see that rematch being a Steeler fan but man do the Pats look good.
    heart says Steelers Packers
    but head says Pats Packers
    And I have $50 at the MGM in Vegas on the Steelers to win it all.

  3. ugh...after last Sunday's performance against the Saints, the Bears aren't looking so good all of a sudden. I had hoped that the offensive line would be at least better than last year, but based on the Saints game...not so much. Cutler was simply beaten to a pulp. He even said that he couldn't keep taking a pounding like that and I don't blame him. He's on pace for 88 sacks. When the QB is on the ground, your not going to have a chance to win. I just don't know if they'll be able to pull the O line together.

    Upped the bet from last year Dave? ;)
  4. If Stafford isn't injured this season, the Lions are likley to go into the playoffs and may even go far. Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the entire NFL. Not to mention they have quite an easy schedule. The patriots have a mediocre schedule, but if they keep playing this good...nothing is stopping them. Packers are doing great so far, but don't be deceived by a schedule.
  5. The Lions look great so far. Easy schedule, but they'll have to play Green Bay twice. Such games will tell us if they are for real or not. I'm rooting for them and the Bills though, as both teams haven't made the playoffs since 1999, I think.
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