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wondering if any of you can help. i am having a nightmare connecting 2 pcs together. both pcs with same nic's and have got a direct connection with a cross-over cable. the problem is that they cannot connect together. ive checked workgroup issues, ip addresses, tried pinging each computer (no results - timed out).
the only insight i have is that on one of the cards one light is on whilst the other flashes, but on the other nic both lights are on constantly. i have done internet searches, but i can't find out what this means.
any help appreciated, and i will be online most of the time to answer any little questions people have.

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  1. are you absolutely sure the cable is good/correct?

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  2. have got no way of checking, but i assume that because the lights are on this enough support.
  3. yeah, but the difference in lights is what makes me suspicious

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  4. ive never seen both ends of a network when connected. on my work laptop one light is always on while the other one flashes. i presume one means that it is on and the other that it is sending data.
  5. If you have a normal 568B cable hooked up it will blink, but not work. <A HREF="" target="_new">This</A> will show you how to check or even make the correct cable.

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  6. that most likely means it is incorrectly wired.

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  7. can i use a none crossover cable to check the nic's are ok? can i just ping in one direction, and see if that gives any results?
  8. nope. Where did you get that xover cable? Any problem with just going to CompUSA or something and buying an official one?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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