Help me find a next-gen video card...

I am cheap. Currently I've got around ~$500, saved up for a year (I'm in high school without a job).

I have been looking at the x1300 for a while. At a minimum of $97 (on newegg), it seems like a decent price...but is it worth it? Should I just go ahead and get a higher one like x1600 or x1900?

Also, I've heard DX10 is coming out with Windows Vista. Should I wait until it comes out to get a DX10-hardware supported card?


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  1. get a 7900gt for around $300 and you will be able to run all current games at highest detail and the card will last until dx10 comes out. I dont think its worth waiting for vista because its launch is far away and you will be missing out on current games.
  2. i WOULD WAIT have you seen the crysis screens.. first dx 10 game

    or do somthing
  3. 7600gt is an excellent card for the price ($190 on newegg) and it should run all the newest games at at least high settings depending on the rest of your system
  4. I agree with the 7900gt, it is a a really fast card with a really good price, i also hear it overclocks well.
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