AHCI Port 0 Device error Win7 64 Bit

Got reatail Version Win7 64Bit and a New WD 500GB Blue Caviar HD. My Motherboard manual says that if you want to install OS without Raid Functions set the Sata operating mode to 'AHCI' in Bios, which I did. when starting the computer during the boot up sequence I noticed this message; AHCI .Port 0 Device Error,press F1 to resume, which I did, but all I get is the Windows Loading Screen and nothing else (waited awhile to see if anything happened ,but nothing)

I went back into bios changed the Sata settings back to IDE, Windows Started up got to the load drivers screen, but could not load drivers, but at least I was able to get to that point.

All I want to install 1 HD and Win 7 64 Bit, any advice welcomed.

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  1. What make/model motherboard are you using and do you have your new HDD connected to SATA port 0? Also, does your BIOS recognize the HDD itself? If not, verify that both your data and power connectors are securely fastened. Good luck!
  2. Asrock K10N78D, Sata Port 0.

  3. delboy630 said:
    Asrock K10N78D, Sata Port 0.


    Understood. Can you confirm that your BIOS recognizes the HDD when you set SATA mode to AHCI? Will take a look at you mobo and get back to you shortly.
  4. How far into the load process did you get? Also do you have these instructions (look at page 29)?
  5. Yes I did that, but when set to AHCI in Bios I can only go as far as the Windows is Loading Screen. I downloaded the Win7 64Bit All-in-One Drivers, as the instruction in the manual is for Vista64.

  6. OK. How about the BIOS recognition question? Is the HDD recognized by the BIOS when in AHCI mode?
  7. Golceek

    My new hard drive is not being recognised in the BIOS, it was initally because WIN7 pick up the drive but needed the Drivers which I did not have at the time. I tried both setting the BIOS to AHCI and then back to IDE still no dection and even changed ports got the same message except ot was reading error port 1. So I think the dribve is useless. Put back my old drive which is IDE but has a SATA adapter attached and boots up no problem even with the cable in the same slot, so I guess if I had a MB/bios issue it would also effect my old HD, which it does not.

    If you think I am wrong please say so, if not thanks for the help.

    Regards Delboy
  8. I agree with your assessment that the HDD is likely dead. If your BIOS won't recognize the drive, then Win 7 will not recognize the drive either, with or without drivers.

    SATA HDDs can be very finicky with loose fitting data and power cables/connectors. If you have already swapped them and still have the problem, then that further confirms the defective HDD theory.
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