Difficulty Uninstalling MS Office Home/Student 2007

Hello. I am having a very difficult time uninstalling MS Office Home/Student 2007 from my desktop which runs a 64-bit version of Windows 7. I want to install MS Office Home/Student 2010, but the error message I get is to remove the 2007 version first. When I have tried to do this from the Add/Remove window, I get an error message that says the uninstall language is not recognized. When I use the disc to try and uninstall, the process only goes so far before freezing up and spinning its wheels. When I have used the "Fix It for Me" function from the Microsoft Support site, it also hangs up from that process. What can I do to get this application completely removed? has anyone else encountered difficulty doing this? I should also note that I had no problem installing the 2010 version on my laptops, which had also run the 2007 version and also ran Windows 7 64-bit.
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  1. rienstall 2007 in desktop with the language you use on it then try to uninstall before install of 2010
  2. Hi there. I am ashamed to say that i also encountered that trouble, the only thing that resolved it was by visiting an active online site like Tek-Micro.com, Softwarespeedy.com and DesignerTech.com they offer technical support on installation as well as uninstall the previous version. Theyre great man, they troubleshoot even if you dont buy from them. give it a try man! hope they can help you as well!
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