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My computer was stuck at the logging off (while shutting down) screen a few days ago, so I had to do a forced power off (pressed power button for 4sec).

When I tried to turn the computer back on, it would now stuck on the Windows 7 loading screen, without HDD activity. After several tries, I attempted to run Windows Repair through F8/DVD, in which I tried both the auto repair option and through command prompt with bootsect /nt60 (all/sys/d: )

This method allowed the Windows to boot into the desktop sporadically, and yesterday, after booting into desktop, I noticed that one of my HDD is missing.
So I tried to reboot again, and noticed that the said drive would fail during SMART...

Again, I ran the Windows Repair, and tried to access it through command prompt, with the following results: (G drive is the one with issue) (chkdsk /f on G: )

And through Ubuntu pendrive... (Ubuntu error when trying to open the HDD folder)

However, when I rebooted into Ubuntu Pendrive again to give it another go before tearing down the PC, the previously unreadable disk is suddenly readable now, with another previously readable disk now unreadable!

Ubuntu's disk manager was able to identify those two disks, yet unable to identify the filesystem... How strange is that!

Anyway, I decided that the physical disks must be alright, and the issues must be of logical nature. With that, I formatted my C: and reinstalled Windows 7. This seemed to solve the "stuck at loading screen" and I was able to get all my data back.

Yet, during the process, Windows 7 did not load my 2TB backup drive, and I had to go into Disk Management to configure it... All I had to did was map a drive letter to it. However, after that, I noticed that the drives' status are quite strange. The 2TB backup drive is indicated as "system" and "active", as seen in the image attachment...
(when I right click on the 2TB drive, the option to format it was grayed out.)

From my research, the "system" status should be on my C:\...
So my questions now are...
Should I be worried about the current status of the drives?
If these status may cause havoc in the future, how do I fix them?

Thank you for the help!
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  1. Windows will try to install the boot loader and boot partition on separate drives if it can. This is why I make sure to only have one drive connected when installing any OS and add the rest of the drive in afterwards. To see if this is the case in your system, remove your drives (not the C drive) and you most likely won't be able to boot (NTLDR not found error).

    As for what cause your problems to begin with... have you tried running memtest86+ on your system. Misconfigured/incompatable ram will cause disk data corruption.
  2. I found out the culprit was that in BIOS the HDD boot priority wasn't set properly.
    I was able to use EasyBCD and diskpart to amend the mishap, and all seem to be in order for the moment.

    The very original cause of the problems was a hard power off (press power button for 4sec to turn of PC), because the Win7 was stuck at the logging off screen for an extended period of time.
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