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my pc comes with 4 1.1 usb ports. i recently installed a pci card that gives
me 4 extra 2.0 usb ports. to avoid the hassle of having to crane my body
behind my pc every time i want to hook up a device, i also bought a 4 port
usb hub (2.0) that i connect to one of the 2.0 port so that i have easy
access. this hub draws its power from my pc.
i have my printer hooked up to one of the original 1.1 port.
when i 1st plugged in the usb hub to one of the ports on my usb 2.0 pci card
everything was running fine including my ipod mini. before shutting down my
pc i ejected the ipod mini the usual way.
starting my pc up a few hours later, my pc now can't seem to detect my ipod.
my thumbdrive is working fine though. what is going on?
i am running win xp (sp2) on a 3 year old pc. thanks.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

    A couple of things that may help;
    Try using a powered hub. (most usb ports will run about 500Ma) When you
    draw more than the 500 milliamps, that's when you run into problems.
    When you plug in your devices, try to use the same port.
    'USB port may stop working '


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