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My computer is about a month old, and the sleep mode has never functioned correctly, my problem is that after putting it into sleep mode, it will no longer come out of it in the conventional ways (pressing power button, moving/clicking mouse, space bar, etc.). However, my mouse which is plugged into only the computer still has it's light on, and the computer is giving off a flashing light next to the power button. The monitor which usually has a "no signal" error showing when the computer is off, also acts as if it is in sleep mode.

Force shutting down (holding power button), causes the computer to become unresponsive for a week or so. The only other solution to this unresponsiveness, then waiting, is plugging it into a different outlet, which allows for a power on, and instead of having to reboot, the computer acts as if it is coming out of sleep mode (yes, even after week, and despite the fact that it was unplugged for some of the time). This causes the computer to become "buggy" though, the programs do not function correctly and it is laggy, and I must reboot again to restore the computer to normal.

Windows 7 (obviously)
I also skimped on the cooler, using the factory one instead of buying a new one in case that has anything to do with this.
Not sure if this is the right section for this, but if anyone can help me please do!

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  1. You can try playing around with the power management settings a little bit more, though it seems like you've exhausted that. You might want to consider taking it back, if it's still under warranty, though.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  2. What kind of sleep are you using?

    S3 Standby
    S4 Hibernation
    or Hybrid?

    First, ensure S3 is enabled in your BIOS. While you're in there make sure "wake on USB" or similar is enabled. Then go into your power options and disable hybrid sleep.

    Next, go into your USB device options in Device Manager and check your USB devices have "Allow this device to wake the system from standby" enabled.

    Post back your results, and we'll go from there.
  3. Hardware or software problem:

    You likely have a hardware or software problem. I would do this:

    1) run MEMTEST (or use built-in Windows 7 memory tester) for a few hours. If you get errors you either have defective memory or incorrect motherboard BIOS settings

    2) Reinstall Windows (backup all important stuff first)

    It would be interesting to see if UBUNTU will work for Standby etc. I'm not an expert on Linux, but try installing UBUNTU with WUBI (installs easily like another Windows program). Test the MEMORY first, but if you have no memory issues AND you can do STANDBY successfully with UBUNTU then it's likely a software problem (which can also be a defective hard drive).

    Hope the above helps somewhat.
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    I had the same kind of problem. Turns out that the problem was with the software, the graphic card drivers. Updating that solved the problem in my case.

    Hope this helps!
  5. I was trying to download drivers for a while, but for some reason NIVIDIA's drivers seemed to not work for me, giving me a Vista error. However, when I tried it today, it gave me an entirely new driver to download, which worked! Thanks ryandsouza, I wouldn't have checked again.
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