Acer Aspire 5735 - Missing HD in OS installation Problems

This is a little bit of a longish question... about the hard drive drivers for the ACER Aspire 5735. Please bare with me

I have a corrupted Windows Vista installation which won't allow me to recover the OS using Acer eRecovery, (stalls in the installation). So I decide better to rather put Windows 7 on the PC.

However when I began with the installation, the Windows install could not see the hard drive. So this leaves me stuck, as I can't see the harddrive to reinstall any OS and the Acer eRecovery software is also defunct.

I realise that I need a SATA driver for the AHCI controller. I did a quick search in the forum as well as elsewhere:

However I found there is no SATA driver on there website. So I contacted Acer support and they were Extremely rude and useless.

So this leaves me now stuck... like a duck... Anybody know where I can get the SATA/AHCI Driver and If I get generic driver will it harm the system?

Please let me know

Kind regards

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  1. I'm seeing SATA AHCI Driver as the top listing on the drivers page for that laptop.
    Downloads & Support Documents - Aspire / Aspire 5735
    If those don't work try the ones straight from Intel.
    Intel® RST Driver Files (for version 10.1) - F6 Install (64-bit)
  2. wribbs said:
    I'm seeing SATA AHCI Driver as the top listing on the drivers page for that laptop.
    Downloads & Support Documents - Aspire / Aspire 5735
    If those don't work try the ones straight from Intel.
    Intel® RST Driver Files (for version 10.1) - F6 Install (64-bit)

    Thank you wribs for your response. I have tried those drivers from acer, so far nothing.

    Will try the drivers from intel now.

    I am install it from an image so I hope that is not affecting the control protocol
  3. Ok no Strange no harddrives picked up... while I'm in Vista installed machine

    tried the new 10.1 drivers
  4. Hi cromex

    I don't think that the Intel 975 express chipset is new enough that Vista or Win 7 needs additional drivers for SATA controllers
    Acer Europe Drivers website did not list any.

    Can you still boot to the recovery partition ?.
    if so the hard disk is probably not damaged but c: maybe corrupted

    Some recovery programs have a small hidden partition and the recovery files are on d: (D:\hdd recovery) (example recent Toshiba laptops)
    others have a larger recovery partition containing the recovery files.

    I purchased a second hand Acer Extensa 5235 with Windows 7 x86=32 bit I made a backup recovery set which was on 3 DVD's.
    I wiped the partition cylinder before re installing, I no longer have it so I can't remember the exact details of the recovery partition.

    If the recovery partition is Vista x64 and you are installing Win 7 X86 (32bit) you may need to use a PE3 recovery CD/DVD USB disk to rescue any data from C: or D: then wipe the partition cylinder of the hard disk, before trying again.

    If it was lack of sata drivers you can go into the BIOS and change SATA controller setting from AHCI or Native or RAID (name depends on BIOS) to ATA or PATA compatible, then no extra driver is required.

    Aser will sell you a set of Vista recovery DVD's for your laptop, or someone with a similar Acer could loan them to you
    (they are pre-activated after installing on Acer laptops but require activation on different brands of PC.

    best of luck

    Mike Barnes
  5. mbarnes86 said:
    Hi cromex

    Mike Barnes

    Hi Mike

    thanks for your message. I brought a Download version of Win 7 from

    I have decided to try install it from a flash drive from boot.

    Now when I boot from the USB I go all the way to the licensing and it now shows the hardrives, but it wont format then for me?

    Or change the partition? is there a security lock on the drive that I don't know about? I have tried loading the drivers with no success.
  6. If possible I would try to connect that tricky hdd to a different computer (the one you're on?) and delete all partitions and format that sob from that computer. You could also try using something like Ultimate Boot CD to get something going but I don't have much experience with that.
  7. To format that drive before going threw the install, I recommend GParted. Its free and has all the formating and partitioning options you could ever need.
  8. Guys I have a question with this demon Motherboard.

    I have two partitions on one Harddrive. if I am upgrading for Vista to Win 7 do I need to make sure both partitions are NTFS? Reason is there is important data on the second partition. And I dont'want to delete it
  9. The partition your installing Windows to will need to be NTFS. The other one doesn't matter but it seems like your problems are leading towards completely removing all partitions on the drive. Maybe you should just buy a new drive to install Windows on and use the other for backups.
  10. Ok Current progress...

    I have formatt the drive into NTFS thanks to GParted live (great prog)

    How ever I still get the same error,

    "Setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the setup log file for more information"

    How I can see the partition now. But I can seem to write to it.

    Please help if you can
  11. Have you checked the setup log to see what the error is?
    Is the partition your trying to install to set as primary?
    There might be some kind of error with your install media?

    I would keep trying different formating/partitioning options. Seems like W7 install isnt liking somthing with how the drive is set up.
    Check this thread i found.
  12. Thanks for all your support guys, I found something out.

    Initially I used the microsoft certified software to write the image to the USB stick.

    Needless to say the USB media was the issue.. I wont the media to a DVD and Voila...

    So moral of the story go for the DVD setup
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