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I have been trying to move my windows 7 install to a new HD for a couple days with no success. I have a WD 1TB SATAIII hooked up to a U3S6 using the correct cable, that's the one I want to move windows to. Here's what I have tried: making a windows image and restoring it to the new HD. DId not work. Also tried DriveImage XML, did the backup and restore to the new HD. Made the new drive active and rebooted, Didn't work. Then the next morning I turned on the computer and it booted up off the new HD. Once in windows I tried to format C: (Where windows had been installed), then explorer crashed and I could not format. I restarted again and unplugged power to C: Booted up, but now windows manager says I have 2 copys of windows installed, even with the other drive unplugged. When I go to run windows from the new HD, it wont run, gets a runtime error during windows boot and the bottom right corner says my windows is not Genuine, Total BS of course. So how do I do this? Any feedback is appreciated, this is really ticking me off.
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  1. Download and burn to CD a product called Clonezilla. Boot from the Clonezilla CD and follow the directions to clone 2 disks. Should be good to go afterward. Good lick!!
  2. I figured everything out. Turns out the 100 MB system reserve is on a different HD than my windows install, thats been causing ALL the problems in one way or another. I'm not sure why windows does that, I had no idea to unplug all other HD's when installng Windows 7 to prevent that. Also seems there is no easy way to simply move the system reserve either. I'll have to re-install.
  3. If the system reserve and the windows install are on the same HDD/SSD, then Clonezilla can replicate/clone the whole thing to another HDD/SSD. Have done several times to replace or upgrade the storage device. Something to keep in your toolbox for future use.
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