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I have kind of a strange problem,
When I mount a new cooler (and I have tried TONS of them, right now it is a
Thermaltake 12 I believe, all copper, with a Massive fan and fan speed
controller, with fan set to high right now) it always starts out about 38 to
40 C at idle, after approx. 5 days it creeps up to around 44 to 45 C idle,
that is the CPU diode reading from the chip, socket temp is around 40 C and
case temp is 24C.(all this reported by MBM) Now this chip IS overclocked,
its a 2500+ Barton with FSB set to 200 so the machine reports it as a 3200+
I have 1 gig of PC-400 ram. Motherboard is an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe. The machine
is stable as a rock.(always has been and it has been overclocked since day
1....about a year) It always has run at these temps, never gets over 55C
under load, I am not really worried about it as these numbers are well
within AMD specs.

Here is the part I don't get, why does it creep up after about 5 days? I am
using some old artic silver II, but have tied some others (like that cheap
white stuff packed with the coolers, and some "thermal paste" from Radio
Shack) that don't work as well, it's like the paste is loosing it's thermal
conducting properties??? Is there a better thermal paste I should use?
ANY input is greatly appreciated


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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.hardware.overclocking.amd (More info?)

    I had a similar problem but with a volcano9 the temp started at 43C idle and
    then after a couple of months it started creeping up and up. a kind soul
    from one of these newsgroups informed me that the compound was breaking down
    and air pockets forming below the HSF. it thought that as it was the
    original that TT supplied then it should be good enough but when I took the
    cooler off then I was set right.
    almost half the white compound had disappeared and I cleaned the rest off
    and added artic silver. within a few minutes of switching on my temps had
    dropped form 50-51C (stable enough but worrying) to 46-47C.
    try the latest artic silver and see, thermal take's white compound done
    nothing for me but now with the artic silver I have a little more room for

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