File size vs disk size in downloaded ISO

I downloaded an ISO from an image server and notice a difference in the sizes in the properties of the original ISO on the server and the downloaded ISO . The file size was the same on the server and the downloaded ISO, but the disk size was different. Is this normal or does it represent corruption in the downloaded ISO? It was a Win7 image.
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  1. Ahem.... Is this downloaded image legal?
  2. well Im sure if you are legally downloading a copy of an OS you already own then its OK..... This has to do with the files is x mb when downloaded you can expect a slightly larger image because of the way your HDD stores info. It does it in chunks so the info may be populating the chunks but not filling up all available space so it takes up more room on your computer.
  3. I was affraid of corruption.... I found and used a Hash Tool to check the before and after results. Thank you all, Jimmy
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