What Anti-Virus and Firewall are you using with Windows 7

Hi all,

Just wondering what you are using for antivirus and firewall with windows 7.

Currently I am using Avast Home ant-virus, and Win 7 FW. I may give Comodo a try.

What do you think?

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  1. I'm using VIPRE Antivirus, and the Comodo firewall with my copy of 7 Ultimate x64. Does a good job IMHO.
  2. I'm using Norton 2010 with firewall and 7 Ultimate x64.
  3. AVIRA anti virus,and COMODO firewall,although the COMODO is a PITA when first installed [ sorta carries on like vista's UAC] ,,it settles down after a few days,whereas with some firewalls you never know that they are there ,,let alone working..:)
  4. Norton End point here Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit it did with any computer it was installed what Homegroup does for windows 7 computers as far as networking
  5. I have Avira on Windows 7 and Kaspersky on XP.
  6. I have Avast Free and Comodo Firewall.....
    Running this combo for quite a while.
    Works good.
  7. Norton 360 3.0.
  8. Trend Micro Internet Security 2009.
  9. Awww crud! I'm the only one using Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows 7.
  10. I would have used MSE with 7 if I wasn't already using (and had paid for) VIPRE.
  11. Avira Antivir, and for firewall just Windows firewall since I rarely mess with networking or rarely get viruses period. I must say however Antivir has a really annoying false reporting. Everything I go to aion's official website, it logs it as a malware HTML cache. I had to select several folders as an exception to remove that, even then it sometimes brings up the alert anyways.
  12. Checkpoint (ZoneAlarm) Internet Security Suite (Site License)
  13. Wow.... I just attempted another install of ZoneAlarm (I haven't used it since I moved to Vista 64 back in February '07) and the installer had to be opened in compatibility mode just to run itself. It's frustrating how developers can't do a simple f***ing version check and allow 6.1.7600 as well as 6.0.6001, 5.1... etc. I had a good laugh as soon as the ZA installer told me I had to upgrade to Vista SP1 before I could install it under Windows 7. As I said already, running the installer's executable in compatibility mode for Vista SP1 fixed this, but it's still so sad, it's laughable.

    Edit: Now this is even more laughable. The ZoneAlarm install was blocked due to compatibility issues. For the record, this was a freshly downloaded copy of ZoneAlarm Free 8 from the Zonelabs website.
  14. dokk2 said:
    AVIRA anti virus

    +1 same here. As for firewall, got a Linux box (an old 939 lol) + a few adons to do the work.
  15. avast
  16. Best answer
    Avast and the windows firewall do the job for me
  17. I was using Avast but noticed a file that I use to "test" my virus protection didn't flag Avast when using Windows 7 (still does when using XP). It even allowed me to run the .exe without even once flagging me. So I switched to AVG and it flags me before I can even click on the file.

    For my firewall I'm using Comodo. I prefer Zonealarm but the free version doesn't work under Win 7 yet.
  18. Trend micro officeScan
  19. KIS 2010!
  20. Tried ZoneAlarm IS since it's free from my ISP and I hated it... caused too many internet issues. I don't remember what version it was, but it certainly turned me against ZA.
  21. Avira Antivirus, windows firewall...
  22. rodney_ws said:
    Awww crud! I'm the only one using Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows 7.

    You're not alone. I just installed MSE this morning on my newly-installed Win7 Professional x64.

    But I only did that because my copy of Ye Olde Symantec AV Corporate 8.0 (been using it since college, has always worked great) won't work on x64 systems it seems. :(
  23. rodney_ws said:
    Awww crud! I'm the only one using Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows 7.

    You are not alone, I started using MSE as soon as I installed Win 7. So far it works great.
  24. I have have been very happy with avast and he Win 7 fw. No problems and no bugs. I will never go back to AVG or NIS.

  25. I've been using McAfee Security Suite. It works perfectly on x32 and x64 versions of Windows 7 and my isp gives it to me for free. Being a (free) subscription service, the definitions are always current (automatically updated). If it wasn't free from my service provider, this is one program I would be happy to pay for.
  26. Ugh... I can't believe someone is actually happy with McAfee. I've had nothing but bad experiences with it for quite some time now... and I believe it to be worse than any of Norton's products. But if it works well for you, then that's great... you are one of the lucky few.
  27. Good old fashioned AVG free (9.0, I believe, as it has been nagging me to upgrade and I finally did) and the standard windows firewall. Not the best, but it gets the job done.
  28. I am running Win 7 X64 using Microsoft Security Essentials and the MS firewall.

    I had Avast free version when I ran the Win 7 32 bit RC and it was working fine.

    As for Comodo, when I had Vista Home premium, Comodo really messed up after I installed SP 2 so avoiding it this time around. It had worked pretty well up till that time and I still use in for my XP Pro on a dual-boot desktop.

    I have Comcast for cable/internet and could get McAfee free. Decided not to do that.
  29. vipre site license,and pctools! firewall plus
  30. My laptop has upgraded to windows 7 32 bit recently and I am using ESET smart security.
  31. Another one using Microsoft Security Essentials. Works fine for me.
  32. ESET (NOD) and Malwarebytes. Win 7's Firewall.
  33. Microsoft security essentials(MSE) is very basic,so i just deleted it.i always had infections with my NOD32 on,and other like norton or zone alarm are always detecting "threats" that are nothing but my programs, :non: they have bad definitions. slows down the computer(i think)I bought Kaspersky internet security 2010 and i'm happy with it,it's not an annoying thing,if im going to a dangerous site it will block was not expensive.I just have to renew the liscence after 300 days or some,but it doesn't cost too much.
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