Bought a mobo off ebuyer a week ago, arrived today while I was not in so they took it back to their "local" department which is 40 miles away. So I called the delivery company up and they told me that ebuyer has restricted he options so I can't ask them to leave it at my neighbours and I can't ask them to deliver it after 4!? Well how the hell am i going to get it then? Rang up ebuyer, guess what, no response.
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  1. You could drive down there and pick it up.

    Quite frankly, what they do is sensible, to avoid liability by delivering it to someone who isn't the buyer, or just leaving it, so the buyer ca say 'it never got here.'

    As for not delivering after 4, you're right, that's stupid. Unless they only work realy short hours and don't want to have to pay drivers overtime.

    I'm lucky in that I can use my workplace as the delivery place, being one of the two network admins here ;)
  2. Thats not unusual for courier companies to do this i'm afraid. I had the same problem from the now defunct 'Microland technology' when I had to -try- contact them to authorise the courier to deliver to an alternate address. I gave up and travelled 45mile round trip to collect.

    I would certainly recommend anybody avoid using ebuyer, because their service just plain sucks. Out of 7 orders I have placed with them in the past, 3 of them have been cocked up (parts missing or wrong) and the last order they still had not despatched anything 5 days after due date of despatch!! - no e-mails, appologies or contact of any sort from them. And dont get me started on their e-note system (a responce within 7 days- so it states - yeah right!!) messages were delivered quicker in the dark ages.
    Don't try to ring them unless you've got plenty of time and patience.

    Now I suspect that to some people, they have given adequate or even good service, but keep using them and they will 'Get You'

    Use instead:
    Overclockers.co.uk - good prices/excellent service (my fave)
    scan.co.uk - unless you want performance memory thats not corsair
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