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I'm working on putting together a new computer, and I need to find a good place from which to buy the various bits. I've read both good and not-so-good reviews of Newegg... what's the general consensus? Also, are the extended warranties they offer worth purchasing?
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  1. For me, no.
  2. No to Newegg, or no to warranties? And in either case, is there a particular reason?
  3. newegg is great overall.

    I have made MANY purchases from them and not once got a defective component. They also ship FAST. Never bother with their expidited packing because it will make no real difference in delivery time unless you are shipping same day.

    I have heard some disgruntled things about their RMA policy but never anything really concrete, just someone heard from someone else that they give you a runaround. Since I have never had to return a part I got from them I can't provide a critique of this firsthand.

    Generally what I will do is check newegg's prices, then go to and compare. I will never buy from a pricewatch vendor that has a rating lower than 3.5 stars and I don't feel really comfortable with it unless they have at least 4. If Newegg is within $10 of the best deal from a reputable vendor on Pricewatch, I go with Newegg.

    Good luck and happy hunting.
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